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Tree and hedge maintenance

Trees and hedges left to their own devices can quickly grow out of control and become a major inconvenience. Brambles Garden Services can help keep your trees and hedges in order. As experienced tree surgeons, we can trim, manage and shape your trees and hedges:

We can manage any number of trees on both private and commercial land such as parks or pub gardens.

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Felling and stump grinding

If an old, diseased or unsightly tree needs bringing down, count on Brambles Garden Services. We'll ensure the tree or hedge is effectively and safely removed. We'll make sure the tree is either reused or recycled, ensuring nothing is wasted. If you would like the tree chipping, we're more than happy to do that and provide the chips for your own use.

If you have an old stump, we can help. With reliable, professional-grade stump grinding equipment, we can remove your tree stump quickly and efficiently and fill in the ground where the stump used to be to ensure your land is level and solid. We can also carry out other landscaping work to ensure the area blends in with your existing green space or forms its own unique piece.

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If you're looking to have a new tree planted, we can help. From native fruit-bearing trees to something a bit more exotic, we'll ensure your new tree is correctly seated in the ground and effectively maintained. From forestry projects to a garden centrepiece, our dedicated team is happy to help, and with 22-plus years' experience your project is in safe hands.

Bring life to your garden with our soft landscaping works

Based in Deeside, Brambles Garden Services is available for soft landscaping work & garden maintenance throughout the area.

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